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Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6-	 34ga4o9
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Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6-

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1Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6-	 Empty Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6- la data de Dum Apr 07, 2013 8:26 am


Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6-

Wall Hack + Anti Screen-Shot -CS 1.6-	 Antisslastv

WallHack + Anti-ScreenShot

Modifications :
-you don't have to select anymore the "hl.exe" file,it's destinations will be extracted from the process
-settings modifications (the nonimportant ones were deleted)
-all the bugs were fixed.I'm playing it for almost 1 month and I haven't got any problem
-I've introduced effects on closing,opening and on status display.

How it's used :
-Start AntiSS
-Start Counter-Strike (after the first game check the setting "Auto Start Counter-Strike")
-Execute in console "AntiSS.cfg" (exec AntiSS.cfg) then play.

Atention :
-AntiSS.cfg must be the last config executed before entering the server
-Don't press the keys : F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12 (this are wallhack atribute keys and when the admin will make you a picture,antiss will dezactivate only the wallhack,the rest will remain active (lambert,crosshair,etc)
-The "wall.dll" file is detected as a virus because there is a HackTool for the game.It doesn't involve any risk.If your antivirus deletes it,just add it to the exception list

AntiSS + Wall-HacK
Password: www.counter-strike.orgfree.com

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