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Addons Zombie Plague 5.0

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1Addons Zombie Plague 5.0 Empty Addons Zombie Plague 5.0 la data de Mar Noi 15, 2011 3:13 pm


Ma-m gandit sa postez Un Addons cu modul Zombie Plague 5.0 Cel mai nou mod Al Lui MeRcyLeZZ e destul de frumos. Pentru Erori Buguri Postati aici Poate Va Pot Ajuta !

Sursa AlliedModders

New Gameplay Modes: Nemesis, Survivor, Multi Infection, Swarm, and more
Zombie Classes System: allows addding unlimited custom zombie classes
Human Classes System: allows addding unlimited custom human classes
Ammo Packs: awarded to skilled players, can be exchanged for goods
Extra Items System: allows adding unlimited custom items to buy
Custom Grenades: Napalms, Frost Nades, Flares, and Infection Bombs
Deathmatch Mode: where zombies or humans can continually respawn
Admin Menus: to easily perform the included console commands
Special Effects: from the HL Engine, such as dynamic lighting and fog


- Version: 5.0 Stable (Sep 24, 2011)
* Fixed players respawning as zombies on a new round when deathmatch is enabled
* Fixed spawning zombies in Nemesis mode and spawning humans in Survivor mode
* Fixed instances of weapons having no BP ammo after buying from custom buy menu
* Fixed Invalid Array Handle errors because of plugin order
* Added CVARs for customizing spawn protection for human/zombies
* Added natives to display additional text in menu for classes/items
* Some minor fixes

- Version: 5.0 Beta 4 (Aug 29, 2011)
* Added full ML Support, including classes/items/modes (uses some old translations from "zombie_plague.txt", new ones in "zombie_plague50.txt")
* Admin Models: added CVARs for customization
* Bots now choose different classes throughout the game
* Fixed bots not obeying class restrictions
* Fixed Nemesis having silent footsteps
* Fixed Rage Zombie's glow affecting Nemesis even if nemesis glow is disabled
* Fixed settings "modelchange delay" and "set modelindex offset" missing in zombieplague.ini
* Fixed "remember last menu page" feature missing for new menus
* Fixed exploit that would allow zombies to buy weapons at the time of infection if buyzones+money is enabled
* Fixed suicide exploit by leaving change teams menu opened until after a game mode started
* Fixed zombies custom FOV not working if a player is infected while zooming
* Fixed compatibility with subplugins that check if player is nemesis/survivor on death event
* Fixed ZP 4.3 compatibility layer not passing nemesis/survivor parameter to some forwards

- Version: 5.0 Beta 3 (Aug 24, 2011)
* Ambience Sounds: added support for custom game modes
* Main Menu: replaced changeteam override with "Choose Team" option
* Fire Grenades: added CVAR to keep original HE grenade explosion
* Game Modes Manager: recoded to choose default mode when no other mode can be started
* Fixed Leap for first zombie working on modes other than Infection
* Fixed Nemesis being able to use Zombie Madness
* Fixed Zombie Madness sounds not playing
* Fixed Human Class models not saving to zp_humanclasses.ini file
* Fixed infection sounds played when custom game modes started
* Fixed Nemesis/Survivor aura not removed after disconnect
* Fixed runtime errors in cs_weap_restrict_api and zp50_weapon_drop_strip

- Version: 5.0 Beta 2 (Aug 18, 2011)
* Admin commands Infect, Nemesis, Survivor will now start game modes when used at roundstart (as in ZP 4.3)
* Admin commands are now blocked for last zombie/human (as in ZP 4.3)
* Added CVARs to customize armor protection (Nemesis/Survivor)
* Added ability for custom game modes to toggle infection on/off
* Fixed game mode manager incorrectly assessing player count when choosing a game mode at round start
* Fixed nemesis infecting and survivor getting infected on infection rounds
* Fixed infection effects spawned at a different location than player's origin
* Fixed small bug/typo in ZP 4.3 Compatibility Module
* Fixed runtime error in CS Weapon Models API

- Version: 5.0 Beta 1 (Aug 17, 2011)
* Redid the entire Mod: there is now a separate plugin/module for each set of features
* Added support for custom Game Modes
* Added new gameplay mode: Armageddon Mode
* Added support for custom Human Classes
* Added ability to fully disable Ammo Packs and use CS Money instead
* Added CVARs for extensive customization
* Changed CVAR names to be more descriptive and organized (zombieplague.cfg has been completely revamped)
* Changed API native/forward names to be more descriptive and organized (old API is still supported though)
* Rage Zombie is back! :P
* Assorted bug fixes

- Version: 4.3 Fix 5a (Jul 04, 2011)
* Fixed menus causing runtime errors
* Fixed API to be compatible with some subplugins (e.g. ammo pack bank)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 5 (Jul 03, 2011)
* Added support for MP3 win sounds
* Added CVAR to reward zombies ammo packs for damaging humans/survivor (zp_zombie_damage_reward <damage amount>)
* Added CVAR to enable/disable ZP custom HUD display (zp_hud_display <0/1>)
* Added zp_zombie_painfree <3> setting (only affect first zombie)
* Updated method to change player's maxspeed using HamSandwich for better compatibility
* Fixed new menus not remembering the page you were in last time it was opened
* Fixed player models with modelT.mdl files not precached automatically
* Fixed team scores not getting reset after Game Commencing event
* API: Added native to retrieve description/information of a given zombie class
* API: Added runtime error support (now you can check logs and see which subplugin is causing the error)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 4 (Jun 24, 2011)
* Fixed custom model for survivor's weapon not working when changing zp_surv_weapon cvar
* Fixed zombies/survivor using CS buyzones when money is enabled exploit
* Fixed zombies not respawning on survivor rounds if zp_surv_allow_respawn enabled and zp_respawn_after_last_human set to 0
* Fixed settings zp_respawn_after_last_human 0 and zp_deatmatch 4 (balanced respawn) sometimes not working properly
* Fixed zp_respawn_on_worldspawn_kill not working at all on certain rounds

- Version: 4.3 Fix 3 (Jun 20, 2011)
* CVAR zp_human_speed can now be set to 0 to make humans use CS default weapon speeds
* Fixed 3rd party plugins unable to change player's maxspeed
* Fixed frost grenades not saving player's custom gravity/maxspeed, which would mess up some subplugins like parachute, etc.
* Implemented better method to change player's maxspeed using HamSandwich (found by joaquimandrade, thanks to PoSiTiOn Of PoWeR for pointing this out)
* API: Added native to replace ZP player models (zp_override_user_model)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 2 (Jun 19, 2011)
* Allow humans to use CS buyzones easily if money is enabled and random spawning is on
* Fixed double flashlight exploit
* Fixed flares lighting issues
* Fixed humans unable to use nightvision after buying it with money
* Fixed menus triggering radio commands when pressing next/back, menus closing automatically when walking out of buyzones
* Fixed "[CS] Invalid Player" errors when player disconnects after throwing an infection bomb
* Fixed nightvision not properly removed if zp_nvg_custom is 0 and player turns into human/survivor when his nightvision is turned on
* Fixed rare runtime error 4: index out of bounds (spec_nvision task)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 1 (Jun 12, 2011)
* Fixed server crashes during mapchange and some potential crashes due to accessing uninitialized entity's private data
* Fixed player's armor not properly removed when it gets to 0
* Fixed p_knife model accidentally removed when cvar zp_admin_knife_models_human is enabled
* Fixed settings for ignoring nemesis/survivor frags and rewarding frags/ammo packs when deathmatch is enabled
* Fixed console commands zp_swarm, zp_multi and zp_plague expecting a <target> parameter, even though it's not required to start those modes
* Fixed spectator nightvision using incorrect colors if you die when zombie madness is enabled

- Version: 4.3 (Apr 20, 2009)
* Added beta changes (see below for details on those)
* Added CVAR for the new Nemesis/Survivor to have the same amount of HP as the guy who left
* Fixed some code still executing when the mod is turned off, which could cause weird bugs
* Fixed knife model issues when running WeaponMod

- Version: 4.3-beta5 (Apr 15, 2009)
* Added buy limiters for Antidote and Zombie Madness (CVARs: zp_extra_antidote_limit, zp_extra_madness_limit)
* Added admin knife model customization to zombieplague.ini (CVARs: zp_admin_knife_models_human, zp_admin_knife_models_zombie)
* Fixed unstuck feature causing zombies to turn into humans when random spawning is disabled
* Fixed unneeded hostage sounds precaching and taking up memory on CZ servers
* Fixed classes and items being incorrectly parsed when their names contain brackets
* Fixed Swarm Mode being triggered with no zombies or humans on either team
* Fixed zombie's hegrenades behaving as infection bombs even when their CVAR is disabled
* Fixed non-human grenades behaving as frostnades and flares
* Fixed code for blocking infection/cure attempts sometimes not working as it should
* Fixed calling some natives when the mod is turned off causing run time errors
* API: Native zp_has_round_started now returns 2 if the round is starting (i.e. not fully started yet)
* API: Replaced returning PLUGIN_HANDLED with ZP_PLUGIN_HANDLED due to backwards compatibility concerns
* Removed caching of most CVARs as it would just make the code harder to mantain

- Version: 4.3-beta4 (Mar 27, 2009)
* Added CVAR to set the default amount of starting ammo packs for new players (zp_starting_ammopacks)
* Added CVAR to randomly give weapons to players instead of buying them (zp_random_weapons)
* Added/updated ML translations (zombieplague.txt file is now UTF-8 encoded)
* Added option to force consistency for player models in zombieplague.ini
* Extra items menu now only displays items available to the player's class
* Player list menu for admin commands now only displays connected players
* Admin console commands now always obey the flags set in zombieplague.ini
* Nemesis damage CVAR no longer affects damage done by an entity other than nemesis himself (i.e. subplugin's rockets won't be affected now)
* API: Added natives to retrieve the number of zombies/humans/nemesis/survivors on a round
* API: Added natives to get a zombie class/extra item's ID via its name
* API: Added native to force players to buy an extra item
* API: Added natives to manually set and remove player's nightvision
* API: Returning PLUGIN_HANDLED on "zp_extra_item_selected" forwards will now cancel the item purchase
* Optimized code a bit (CVARs are now cached at round start, added cstrike module back)
* Fixed custom skies not being precached

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